GLOBAL HEALTH MATTERS Episode 2 staring from tomorrow | Tuesday, May 25 | 4PM CET

What opportunities are health researchers discovering with the COVID-19 pandemic? Can we promote gender equality in global health leadership in ways that aren’t patronizing? What innovative tools are scientists using to tackle the impact of climate change on health?

In the Global Health Matters podcast, host Dr Garry Aslanyan is joined by some of the world’s leading scientists to discuss these questions, share their experiences and talk about how their work is making a real impact. Here’s


The first episode of Global Health Matters takes us on a journey to Somalia, Benin and India to explore how researchers have adapted to one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced — the COVID-19 pandemic. Join Garry and his expert panel of guests:
Muna Abdi (Somaliland Central Statistics Department, Somalia)
Dissou Affolabi (National Tuberculosis Programme, Benin)
Suneeta Krishnan (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, India Country Office)

Listen to the episode 1 here-