Episode 24

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Episode 20
Lifting the lid on corruption to cure health systems

Guests: Monica Kirya

Episode 16
The future of global health is through diversity and dignity

Guests: Marie Ba & Tom Wein

Episode 12
Bonus episode: A conversation with our listeners

Guests: Teresa Soop

Episode 8
Discoveries from vaccine implementation

Guests: Margaret Gyapong

Episode 4
Mothers of the Amazon River: a social innovation for health
Guests: Magaly Blas and Luis Gabriel Cuervo


Episode 23
Bonus episode: Podcasts for sparking conversations on global health

Guests: Emmanuella Amoako,Leshawn Benedict and Gordon Thane,Mark Goldberg & Priti Patnaik

Episode 19
Celebrating 70 years of protecting the world: combating influenza now and in the future 

Guests: Mahmudur Rahman & John McCauley

Episode 15
Test to protect: equal access to diagnostics for all 

Guests: Bill Rodriguez & Sikhulile Moyo

Episode 11
Actions for decolonizing global health

Guests: Catherine Kyobutungi

Episode 7
Communicating science, not fiction

Guests: Natalia Pasternak, Founder, Instituto Questão de Ciência in Brazil

Episode 3
COVID-19 in Africa: the role of research

Guests: Paul Kazyoba & Thabi Maitin


Episode 22
Science and diplomacy for global health

Guests: Ilona Kickbusch

Episode 18
The health journey of refugees and migrants is global health

Guests: Eugen Ghita & Reem Mussa

Episode 14
Paths to a disease-free world: control, eliminate, eradicate

Guests: David Reddy & Uche Amazigo

Episode 10
Navigating digital health waves

Guests: Alvin Marcelo

Episode 6
Reimagining research leadership

Guests: Karlee Silver, Tembeka Mpako-Ntusi

Episode 2
Women in science

Guests: Roopa Dhatt, Rose Leke and Soumya Swaminathan


Episode 21
The promise and perils of future health technology

Guests: Yara Aboelwaffa

Episode 17
Global health career paths: learn, mentor, practice, repeat

Guests: Stephanie Topp & Renzo Guinto

Episode 13
Championing health equity in South Africa

Guests: Fatima Hassan

Episode 9
Navigating digital health waves

Guests: Alvin Marcelo

Episode 5
Climate change’s impact on health

Guests: Paul Gwakisa and Pierre Quiblier

Episode 1
Research in the time of COVID-19

Guests: Dissou Affolabi, Muna Abdi and Suneeta Krishnan



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