Sagun Paudel, IR Connect member won the Global Asia Mentorship Contest 2021 hosted by TDR Global

We hereby announce the winners of TDR Global Asia Mentorship Contest 2021. The first winner will enter the global competition and compete with winners from TDR Global Africa and Latin America. Please kindly note that we will notify the winners via email as well. The overall total score for each idea is calculated based on the total score for each judging criteria, number of judge’s vote and number of member’s vote. We received 62 votes from TDR Global members. Most voted idea are: 24 votes for I CARE (Improving Communication And Reach) for public health researchers and 12 votes for IR- Mentor: A platform to connect Mentor and Mentee. This result shows that judges selection are similar with members selection. Congratulations to all winners and we sincerely thank you for submitting your idea and voting your favorite idea. We couldn’t have done this without you. We also hope this contest also inspires other TDR Global members to create a better mentorship model in your institution.